About us

The majority of current media seems to have lost direction as the vested interests use it for their benefits. Some media houses are serving only particular communities or classes of society or certain political parties. When some media houses want to be independent in rare cases, they are discouraged from moving ahead. But what do the people want?

The fact is even though the people want a clean and transparent media, the wicked system does its best in stopping such thing from happening. Communalism and political structures should not dictate media policies. In such cases, the people do not get the taste of fair media which is a must in modern society.

In this background, there is a need for a powerful media to be the voice of the people. This is the need of the hour. Some like-minded journalists have come together to form the voice of such people. With this mission in mind, a new media platform has been launched named www.citizenlive.News.

The scheme of launching this media does not have any business purpose or any money-making motif. The main purpose here is to strengthen a particular and important segment of the society, to raise the voice against exploitation, and to be the voice of poor, weak, marginalized, voiceless and gullible people.

We believe that we are moving in the right direction with small steps towards achieving our goals. We will speak only the truth and nothing else. Truth is our religion. Cast, creed and communal feelings are never entertained. Appeasement of the rich and powerful are prohibited here.

We are not here just to break news and sensationalize it. We do not glorify crime to increase our readership. Does anyone think about the victims of crime and the predicament they go through? We will have follow-up news to let you know about the trauma the victims of crime are facing. We will try our best to help them too.

Without betraying people’s trust, broadcasting reliable news is our prime aim. We wholeheartedly put efforts to present absolute truth. We will honestly implement all the requirements of the righteous press, will examine the authenticity of the news and give the people what they expect from a traditional truthful media.

By adhering to media ethics and being the voice of marginalized, we will dedicate to strengthen the democratic system. In this perilous time where the wrong messages are spread across more powerfully and faster than the truth, this media is committed to conveying only the truth in a rightful manner. We will not hurt anyone’s emotions and we will protect the dignity of people. All our reports are presented without any prejudice.

We will strive to build a clean and harmonious society where every individual is equal.

Valuable suggestions and cooperation of beloved readers are indeed necessary for this noble deed to succeed.

We begin with a website now and surely will spread our wings with your patronage and support.